"The Butterflies Will Be Armed" in Foundry #13

"The Rules of Tennis" and "A Woman in the Sun" in Sixth Finch: Summer 2019

"Kipling's Bar," "Guest of Honor," "Lapis Lazuli," and "The Accident" in jubilat #32 

"Handblown," "Sketches of the Lemon," "Twelve Hundred Truths and a Lie," and "Poem" in Divine Magnet

"It Just Started Snowing" and "Simple Machine" in Forklift, Ohio #32

"Not At All," "Brain Trust," and "Almost Noon" in LIT #28

"Love Poem," "Unalienable Rights," "Art Gallery," "College," "The End of February," and "Santa Barbara" in Western Beefs of North America

"The Nuns," "Pine Tree," and "October 26th" in Prelude 

"Unexpected Sex Scene," in Route Nine